Classe 9 Xcelsius

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2 Group Volumetric Dosing (USB) $16,500
3 Group Volumetric Dosing (USB) $20,300
4 Group Volumetric Dosing (USB) $23,400



Rancilio Group Classe 9 Xcelsius utilizes technology to provide you with revolutionary control. Unlike other commercial espresso machines, the Classe 9 Xcelsius offers you the ability to fluctuate your temperature during the brewing process. With extraordinary temperature stability, the Xcelsius is for those who want more control over the profiling of their coffee’s flavor and its delivery. The Classe 9 Xcelsius is versatile and can be used for simplifying your brewing process, advanced barista product training, and superior product consistency. Two international patents, electronic boiler pressure control, independent group heads, display, USB port and superior construction, contact the Espresso Service Network today with your questions or for personal consultation 509-558-8081.

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Group Height Traditional or Tall/Raised Height
Color Options Stainless Steel Body Only
Models Classe 9, Classe 9 Xcelsius
Dosing Operation USB Volumetric Dosing
Steam Wand Standard, Cool Touch, or iSteam | Clever Actuation


Groups Depth Height Width Weight Watts Volts Boiler Vol.
2 Group 22" 21" 30" 146lb 6000W 208-240V 11L
3 Group 22" 21" 39" 175lb 6000W 208-240V 16L
4 Group 22" 21" 49" 212lb 6000W 208-240V 22L



  • Comprehensive Electronics with Display for Ease in Operation, Programming and Cleaning
  • Optional: Isteam Automatic Heating and Frothing Steam Wand.  Automatically Turning Off at Programmed Temperature
  • Stunning Lateral Body and  Functional Work Area LED Lighting for Professional Showcasing and Operation


Classe 9 Catalog

Classe 9 S Spec Sheet

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Classe 9 USB Spec Sheet

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Classe 9 Catalog

Classe 9 USB Xcelsius Brochure

Classe 9 USB Xcelsius Spec Sheet